Core Values

Integrity – We speak honestly and hold ourselves personally accountable to our clients in delivering upon our commitments.

Ethics – We provide uncompromised ethics in all of our business practices.

Community – We are active members and participants in our local communities. Responsibility and making social contributions towards building a strong community is an important part of UGA.

Confidence – We act with experience, perseverance, and excellence in all of our endeavors. We are committed to outstanding results.

Privacy – We take great care in protecting the confidentiality of our clients’ personal information. Our clients can be assured we will never disclose their confidential information without their legally required consent.

Respect – We foster an environment of openness and a willingness to listen. We have a zero tolerance policy towards arrogance. No question or need is too small. Our commitment to our clients starts with putting their needs first.

Charity – UGA is proud to support philanthropy. We are directly and personally involved with many important global charities dedicated to improving the lives and situations of people everywhere.